Where can I go for more information?

When you're a new parent or expecting a baby, you get given a lot of advice and information. Like you, everyone wants your baby to be healthy and happy, but it can be hard to know who to listen to.

If you have questions about whooping cough, it’s a good idea to speak to a GP, practice nurse, pharmacist, obstetrician or lead maternal carer.

Alternatively, here are some useful websites:

Immunisation Advisory Centre (IMAC):

IMAC provides independent, factual information about immunisation including benefits and risks, not only to parents and caregivers but also to doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. To visit the IMAC website to find out more about whooping cough please click here.

Ministry of Health:

The Ministry of Health is the New Zealand Government's principal advisor on health and disability: improving, promoting and protecting the health of all New Zealanders. To visit the MoH site for further information on whooping cough and view a video about one mother’s experience, please click here.


Chain of Protection is an independent website put together by Australian immunisation experts. It includes a comprehensive list of resources to help outline the importance of vaccination to protect you and your family from unwanted infectious diseases. To visit the website please click here.

For more information on Boostrix, you can download a copy of the Boostrix brochure here.